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Do not Be Fooled By Antioxidant Labels

If you have been paying attention to the packaging labels at your grocery store, then you have likely noticed that the term “antioxidant” is somewhere on the box, can, or bottle. You can see many companies marketing their products’ antioxidant strength on anything from cereal to body wash. Antioxidants have become increasingly popular for a variety of reasons, including their ability to fight free radicals, increase energy levels, and their power to help aid in the prevention of various illnesses. It becomes questionable on which of these products can provide you with a positive and effective amount of antioxidants, and which companies are merely jumping on the bandwagon of the trendy term. A study conducted by the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) concluded that 92% of the general population has heard of the term “antioxidant” and many of those individuals who are aware of the compound believe that their daily diet is antioxidant deficient. If you are one of these individuals who feel you are skimping on the beneficial properties of antioxidants, don’t fall for the first pretty label you see. Although a product may have an ingredient known for having high antioxidant levels, such as Acai or Pomegranate, it does not mean that you will reap the benefits of the fruit. The product should have the antioxidant rich ingredient within the first three ingredients listed on the nutritional label. The closer it appears to the beginning of the list, the better. In order to gain the most out of the product, you should receive a high level of antioxidants in a single serving size. It may be beneficial for you to do some comparative shopping as well, so you can get the most bang for your buck. And, don’t fall for over priced items that have been given a higher price tag because of their new “antioxidant enriched” product. Although antioxidants can be found in many fruits and vegetables, “superfruits” have really come to the forefront. Acai is one of the newest “superfruits” that have been introduced on the market. Acai is loaded with antioxidants and it offers the health and wellness that individuals are searching for. Viva! Acai™, from the makers of Synflex®, may be just what you have been looking for. Viva! Acai™ is a product that does not need to make false claims. It is made from the Acai berry and also adds Pomegranate, another antioxidant rich fruit. Acai is actually the first ingredient in the product, and unlike other juices on the market today where you have to consume the entire bottle, you only have to take a small amount of Viva! Acai™ (1/4 oz. per day) to reap the rewards of the fruit. You can read a product comparison review at www.best-acai.net, as well as a wealth of antioxidant information.

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