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The Benefits of Acai: Today and Yesterday

Health and vitality are an important part of every culture and generation.  Acai has played an enormous part in history for its nutritional content and medicinal components, and it is now available to us in our part of the world.  Acai, until recently, has been virtually unknown outside of the Amazon regions.  It has however, been a part of the Amazon’s history for hundreds of years.      

The Indian tribes living within the Amazon rainforests were the first individuals to experience the effects of this truly amazing “superfruit.” The indigenous people began to use every part of this “tree of life,” with the Acai berry itself at the heart of their discovery.  They found that ingesting the fruit provided a boost in energy levels and stamina throughout the day.  They also were sick less often (which we know today as a healthy immune system), and felt a boost in general health.  They also used Acai to assist with diarrhea and other digestive problems.  They used the berry to assist in the fight against an infection we now call Schistosomosis, which is transmitted from snails.  The Indians may, or may not have, realized what a treasure they had, but we are fortunate enough to know today. 

Today we know that the health benefits the indigenous peoples were experiencing were in fact valid, and studies show Acai to have properties that even those wise individuals didn’t know about (that we are aware of).  Studies show that Acai, among those qualities listed above, can be very helpful in fighting inflammation, aiding in good heart health, and deterring the damage from free radicals; just to name a few. 

The natural medicinal and health components of Acai may have been known for centuries in the Amazon, but we luckily have been introduced to its splendor.  Acai is here to stay.  Take advantage of a fruit that holds such a punch.

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