Health-conscious consumers deserve the best information available when it comes to superfruit and no discussion of Acai is complete without also talking about Pomegranate. When used in combination as a juice, it provides an incredibly powerful nutritional and antioxidant health bounty.

Clinical evidence is cited at length here throughout this material. However, it should be noted that there are two kinds of proof as to health benefits: direct and indirect


This is a proof derived from a clinical study (often referred to as peer reviewed) or authoritative literature from clinical studies.

At the end of this section, we will direct you to the authoritative studies that have been conducted on Acai and Pomegranate. If you would prefer to review the clinical studies now, click here.


It is generally accepted that fruits are beneficial to our health and as superfruits provide even greater health potential, it is inferred that using them is healthy.


The agents of health – fruits and vegetables

For the most part, those vegetables and fruits that are colorful are the most generous source of antioxidants. It is somewhat interesting (but true) that the color of the fruit or vegetable is the most important factor when measuring antioxidant power of that fruit or vegetable.

If you scale them based on color, you will get a pretty accurate picture of which ones are best as antioxidant sources.

It has also been found that fruits perform better than vegetables in the superfood categories in terms of health benefits. Again, the darker the fruit, the greater the antioxidant power.

A long history of health benefits

For some fifty (50) years, researchers have come to realize that there are countless agents found in both vegetables and fruits that have the potential to fight disease and provide health benefits.

Clearly, there have been some major health benefits being reported in the clinical studies. Without a doubt those studies will continue. The more official, peer-reviewed studies should lend even more authority to the growing body of health evidence that has been adduced thus far.

As with most other clinical studies of efficacy, some studies involved humans and other involved animals. It should be noted that this list is not all inclusive as clinical studies of both Acai and Pomegranate continue.

Rather than identifying each study by the nature of the superfruit (as the abstracts do), the major studies have focused on:

  1. Anti-aging
  2. Anti-inflammatory capabilities
  3. Anti-malarial & anti-microbial capacities
  4. Alzheimer’s disease
  5. Artherogenesis (Plaque in the coronary arteries)
  6. Artherosclerosis
  7. Blood pressure lowering capacities
  8. Cancer-fighting capabilities – chemopreventive and chemotherapeutic properties
  1. Cardiac issues (existing)
  2. Cartilage protection (osteoarthritis) (prevention of degradation)
  3. Cholesterol-lowering capabilities
  4. Dental: Anti-plaque (Anti-viral) (Anti-bacterial)
  5. Diabetes
  6. Diarrhea treatment
  7. DNA (damage)
  8. Enhancing the use of antibiotics
  9. ED
  10. HIV
  11. Mediation of UV exposure (sun)
  12. Menopause – both depressive state and bone loss
  13. Obesity
  14. Staphylococcus infection protection (as anti-bacterial agents)
  15. Vascular complications-coronary heart disease
  16. Wound-healing capabilities

It should also be noted that more clinical studies have been conducted on Pomegranate than have been done on Acai. The reason is that Acai came into public awareness much later than Pomegranate. That fact that Acai has now displaced Pomegranate as the #1 superfruit simply means that both deserve our attention.

The fact is that clinical studies on both Acai and Pomegranate will continue for many years to come. As it does, we will attempt to update you with newer studies as they become available.

A cautionary note: There have been some companies who have engaged in marketing of Acai and/or Pomegranate juices making “claims” that they are effective as (treatments) or (preventive) for cancers of various kinds.

While there has been some promising research and more studies are underway, if you suspect that you have cancer of any kind please seek professional advice and medical treatment from a health care professional.

The same cautionary note should be issued as to any serious medical condition from which you may suffer. The following clinical studies have been provided for informational purposes only.

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